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Your eyes open, and you are looking at a dome of glass. Feeling returns to your limbs, and your extremities become flooded with a sense of extreme cold. As your sense of space returns, you’re lying on your back. 

You feel well-rested, but beyond that, you have no idea who or where you are.

After a few moments, your glass cocoon splits open and you can see the room around you. It is simple, with metal fixtures and powered-down monitors bolted to the walls around you. As you sit up, you see that the room centers around a single round porthole. Beyond it, an infinite expanse of black shows you just a handful of unfamiliar stars blinking back at you.

On the edge of your awareness, a voice from another room seems to be repeating the same message. As you get closer to it, the door opens. The words spill into your awareness.

Critical systems error. You have been woken early from cryosleep due to [ERROR].

Pilot, please acknowledge to begin Cryomnesis.


Cryomnesis is a single-player journaling game about waking up on a damaged spaceship and remembering why you’re there.

To play this game, you will draw a series of cards from a Tarot Deck, which align to prompts across four acts. Then, you will draw a card from the Major Arcana to inspire your response to that prompt. 

After answering prompts, you use the numbered cards to try and get 21 points and try to repair your systems. You can push your luck, but going over means you break stuff. 

See if you can complete your mission and get your ship home. 

CategoryPhysical game
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Tagsanamnesis, journaling, Sci-fi, Solo RPG, Tarot


Get this Cryogenic Process and 148 more for $10.00 USD
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